Magento cloud hosting

Private cloud and Flash Premium network storage services carefully designed to host high-volume Magento stores.
  • Dedicated infrastructure, optimized for Magento eCommerce sites requiring high availability.
  • The highest performance and speed to boost customer experience and sales.
  • Fast-loading, geographically redundant and non-disruptive.
  • Direct access to an expert technical support team via phone and email, 24/7.

Cloud hosting for Magento eCommerce sites

Powered by 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and featuring a double SSD disk and a hardware RAID controller.
Last generation datacenters in Europe — three data centers in Madrid, Spain, and two data centers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Premium CDN solutions for accelerating up to 10 times your Magento eCommerce site loading speed.


Highly available, fault-tolerant and persistent network storage, accessible over a multi-40 G/100 G network.


Bottleneck-free 40 Gbps links; 20 Gbps for storage, 20 Gbps for private interconnection and Internet access.


99,90% SLA Availability. Uninterrupted energy power systems and redundant network connections.

Why host Magento on Stackscale’s cloud

Keep full control, and benefit from high, predictable performance and minimum latency with dedicated cloud hosting for Magento and All-Flash Premium network storage.

Together with our strategic partners, we provide Magento cloud services designed for both small projects that need to grow and big projects that need to significantly improve performance, reliability and redundancy.


Premium CDN

Boost your Magento store’s Core Web Vitals with a Premium CDN solution. Accelerate your site’s loading speed and reinforce security — advanced WAF included.

Advanced cache

Speed up your Magento eCommerce with advanced cache options, such as Varnish, FPC, Memcached and Redis.

Optimized stack

Improve loading times by relying on the latest technologies, such as Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Percona Server, MySQL and MariaDB.

PHP versions

Deploy servers with the PHP version you prefer; all versions from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.1 are supported.


Advanced firewall

Servers are protected by platform-level firewalls by default. Including regular firmware upgrades to maximize security on the cloud.

Full redundancy

Every element within our infrastructure is redundant to provide a fault-tolerant service — from the most common to the most difficult ones.

Automated backups

Schedule automatic backups for Magento adapted to your business’ RTO and RPO objectives, and minimize the impact of a downtime.

Automatic start

In combination with network storage, nodes can be configured so that the VMs can automatically start in another node in case of a failure.

Peace of mind

Grow on demand

Scale RAM, processor, bandwidth and storage resources as you grow, including alternative configurations upon request.

24/7 proactive monitoring

All services provided by the platform are proactively monitored 24/7, with immediate intervention in case of anomaly detection.


Stackscale’s services use open standards and protocols to ensure interoperability and data portability, avoiding vendor lock-in.

Guided, easy migration

Smoothly migrate to a dedicated cloud environment tailored to your company’s needs, optimizing costs and resources.

A Magento specialist to support your company through all necessary deployment stages

Stackscale’s dedicated cloud environments are designed and optimized to host Magento online stores that are looking forward to growing and improving their speed, performance, redundancy and scalability. Thanks to our extensive expertise and our strategic partners, we help Magento eCommerce sites all along their project.

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