What is a data center?

 26/Jul/2016 -   General
What is a data center?


A data processing center (DPC) is the physical location where the necessary computing resources of an organization or service provider are concentrated. It is also known as “Internet Data Center” (IDC) in English, a centro de cómputo in Latin America, or in Spain, which we call a centro de cálculo or centro de datos.

El término centro de datos o Data Center es de uso muy habitual hoy en día. Muchos de los datos que manejamos hoy, desde móviles, tabletas y ordenadores acaban almacenados en estos centros de datos, en lo que muchos llaman la nube como un término realmente genérico.

Take a look inside a data center!

Through the following video you can know see how a data center looks inside, in this case it is our data center in Madrid, Interxion MAD2. We are sure that the most curious of you will love knowing more about one of our accommodation facilities in Madrid or in Amsterdam.

A data center has spaces for exclusive use where companies maintain and operate their IT infrastructures. It is that space where servers and storage systems can be hosted to run applications that process and store company data. Some companies have a cage or only one or several racks (rack), while others may have private rooms to accommodate a certain number of rack cabinets, depending on the size of the company.

The data center provides the technical space, prepared with false floor below in which the electrical outlets are installed to connect the racks.

The climate control maintains correct temperature and humidity parameters, that guarantee the correct functioning and operational integrity of the hosted systems. The data centers have power supply systems, reserve power, cooling, wiring, fire detection and extinction, water leak detectors and security controls.

A physical Datacenter can host virtual Datacenters, known as cloud datacenters or private cloud, with a lower cost thanks to the virtualization layer. Each Virtual Data Center is completely independent from others, so it has the maximum guarantees of security, availability and flexibility.

Stackscale selects the reference data centers in each geographic location that it operates. Today we have infrastructure in Madrid in Interxion MAD2 and Amsterdam in Equinix AM5.