Interview to Jorge Román Novalbos, CEO of Transparent Edge Services

Interview to Jorge Román Novalbos, CEO of Transparent Edge Services

At Stackscale we always look forward to being surrounded with strategic partners that share our values, like Transparent Edge Services. In the following interview we talk with its CEO, Jorge Román Novalbos, to know more about the project, evolution and goals, as well as their IT infrastructure.

How did Transparent Edge Services start?

Jorge Román Novalbos: “Transparent Edge Services is the result of the merger of three technological Spanish companies whose shareholders are linked and work together in comprehensive projects. We were experiencing sustained growth and, from March 2020 — due to the lockdown, remote work and other structural changes provoked by the Covid-19 crisis— we experienced a bigger rise in demand for our solutions, as well as the emergence of new spaces to develop services and products. Therefore, we decided to merge. In February 2021 we started by integrating us commercially and in November 2021, we completed the merger, becoming a single company.”

How has Transparent Edge Services evolved since it started?

Jorge Román Novalbos: “Although the merger leading to the creation of Transparent Edge Services is recent, the three merged companies have a large track record. We founded the first of them, a system administration consulting company, in 2008; the second one, which was the first and only Spanish CDN, was born some years later, in 2014, like a spin off. And the third one, a cybersecurity consulting company, was born in 2018. Therefore, we have been in the tech industry for a long time.

The goals of the merger we have just finished are: having a bigger company which is able to compete in scenarios where we didn’t compete until now and leveraging the synergies to develop comprehensive product and service solutions for technology-based organizations. Together with the three business lines defined by the merged companies — IT system administration, content delivery and cybersecurity, we have adopted the edge computing paradigm, which places computing closer to the place where data is generated and opens new scenarios for applications requiring very low latency.”

What differentiates you from your competitors?

Jorge Román Novalbos: “We live in a world defined by the Internet, where virtually all organizations have a technological base. We boost other organizations from that area, aligning their technological strategy with their goals and offering them comprehensive solutions. We participate in all the web value chain: from hosting to cybersecurity, including IT system administration and content delivery.

In this last sector, the content delivery sector, we have the only Spanish CDN or Content Delivery Network, which is also the only European CDN competing against US CDN providers. Large Content Delivery Networks have good service and good functionalities but they are expensive for small and medium companies and startups. Those offering reduced prices are not specially accessible to inexperienced people. We offer functionalities and a type of services which are usually unaffordable for small companies, at an affordable price. Moreover, we use the edge computing paradigm, which places computing closer to the place where data is generated and brings a revolution similar in importance to the cloud a decade ago.

We are really proud of how we build relationships with our customers. That, without the slightest doubt, differentiates us from our competitors in all fields, either IT system administration — where we work as if we were part of our customers’ systems’ teams —, cybersecurity, CDN, etc. We work together, listening, speaking and adapting to each other, while being always available. This is more common in other sectors, but not really in the technological sector. However, it is vital because technology is currently the base of almost everything, it provides greater competitiveness and not all organizations have specific and deep knowledge. We do so and we use it according to each customer’s needs.”

Which IT infrastructure do you have?

Jorge Román Novalbos: “We have a multi-provider strategy and Stackscale is part of it. For us, Spain is a very important market and Stackscale is, without the slightest doubt, the most important provider here. With Stackscale we manage a great amount of our traffic and, thanks to its reliability, the traffic of our most critical customers goes through their infrastructure.”

Why did you choose Stackscale’s infrastructure?

Jorge Román Novalbos: “As part of our multi-provider strategy, Stackscale supposes a great contribution to our business. The way they approached us was also right: they were capable of understanding our needs and offered good conditions, adapted to those needs. Besides, it was essential for us that their service level was aligned with ours, with our service values. What we have with Stackscale is a very good service, with a quick response time in case we have any doubt or issue, and all of that is backed up by a well-sized and stable architecture.”

What have you been able to improve by migrating to Stackscale’s Bare Metal?

Jorge Román Novalbos: “Without a doubt, we got a key and, above all, a stable partner, which was something we needed to have in Spain. Besides, we have later realized that Stackscale is an ideal partner to keep growing.”

Which are the benefits of a Stackscale’s bare-metal infrastructure compared to other solutions?

Jorge Román Novalbos: “An efficient and“An efficient and stable architecture at a fair price. Stackscale is not the cheapest provider, but the support they provide is worth it and it doubtlessly pays off. What we pay is equal to the quality we receive.”

How was the migration to Stackscale’s bare-metal servers?

Jorge Román Novalbos: “We soon realized that we were dealing with professionals who knew what they were doing and that the performance and scalability provided by Stackscale perfectly met our needs.”

The partnership between Transparent Edge Services and Stackscale points out the value of the efforts both companies make to offer high-quality products and services, adapted to the real needs of every company. Discover the case study of Transparent Edge Services and Stackscale.

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