IT-3 technical breakfast: optimize your systems’ size

Servotic's tech event Stackscale attended in November 2019

November 21, 2019, Stackscale will participate in a “technical breakfast” organized by ServoTIC, TransparentCDN and Raipson Security at Impact Hub (calle de la Alameda, 22, Madrid).

Invitation to Servotic's tech event in November 2019

Our cofounder and VP Sales, David Carrero, will talk about Stackscale’s expertise and quality of service. Features that position us as a safe bet when choosing Private Cloud and infrastructure solutions.

The event will start at 9:00AM (and will go on until 2:00PM, approximately), and will gather several tech companies. Which you will have the chance to network with during the coffee break and cocktail.

Logos of some of the companies attending Servotic's tech event in November 2019

IT-3 technical breakfast theme

ServoTIC and TransparentCDN will focus their presentations on how to optimally size their clients’ systems and how it helps them reducing costs.

We will talk about Stackscale’s role as Private Cloud and infrastructure provider for these companies’ clients. Our efficient problem solving, controlled and right-size costs, and quality of service are some of the keys to success in our collaboration.

Furthermore, Raipson Security, IP-Label and Sun Media will also share their ideas and experience on related themes, such as ethical hacking.

See you at Impact Hub on November 21!

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