Stackscale participates in the Tarugoconf 2021

Tarugoconf 2021 from October 21st to October 23rd

Stackscale participates one more year in the Tarugoconf, a technological and entrepreneurial event. As last year’s edition, the Tarugoconf 2021 will be an online event with a lot of interesting content, networking and inspiring experiences. Although we cannot wait for this great event to come back to normal, last year’s online experience was fantastic and we are sure this new edition will not let us down! Despite being an online event, the conference will be full of interactive activities. Moreover, attendees will be able to network with other professionals, plan 1 to 1 meetings, speak with the sponsors in the virtual stands and much more.

6th edition of the Tarugoconf

The Tarugoconf 2021 will take place from October 21st to October 23rd, 2021, and will welcome diverse professionals on technological innovation, software and the Internet: developers, system administrators, designers, sales representatives, marketers, support experts, investors, etc.

The Tarugoconf is a conference about designing, developing and commercialising digital products and services. The event is carefully designed to create a relaxed atmosphere where attendees can network, discover interesting projects, share experiences, learn and, above all, have a good time. In fact, although it is mainly a technological and entrepreneurial event, part of the conference is designed to be shared with family and friends at home.

Tarugoconf 2021: networking, talks and much more

The event will kick off on October 21st with icebreakers, networking, a movie streaming and a roundtable about the evolution of technology over the last few decades. The main event will take place on Friday 22nd, and attendees will be able to enjoy diverse talks, interviews and other activities. Apart from networking with other professionals and discovering the sponsors’ virtual stands. 

As in previous editions, speakers will share their experiences and knowledge and will address real problems. These are some of the scheduled talks:

  • Providing transparency to the Public Administration through information technology by developer and activist Jaime Gómez-Obregón.
  • How to build your own pancreas by Antonio Santos, Site Reliability Engineer at GitHub.
  • The technology that moves the world by Yaiza Canosa, Founder and CEO at Goi.
  • Minors and Social Media: the reality you do not know by professor and IT legal expert Pablo Duchement.

The event will end on Saturday 23rd with an open space, the “Tarugoff”, and a Replay of the main event’s talks. If you would like to attend the Tarugoconf 2021, you can find all the details about the event and get your ticket on the Tarugoconf website.

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