The Tarugoconf 2022 event is coming and we’re not gonna miss it

Tarugoconf 2022

Stackscale participates in the technological and entrepreneurial event Tarugoconf 2022. The Tarugoconf event stands out for including a lot of interesting content, inspiring experiences and networking opportunities. Besides, the conference is always full of activities and workshops to learn new things and have a good time.

7th edition of the Tarugoconf

The Tarugoconf 2022 event will take place from October 20th to October 22nd, 2022 in La Nave (Madrid). It will be a face-to-face event, although the Brella platform will continue to be available for networking and for discovering more about the sponsors, as in 2021’s edition. The event welcomes diverse professionals on technological innovation, software and the Internet: developers, system administrators, designers, sales representatives, marketers and investors, among other profiles.

The conference addresses a wide range of topics related to designing, developing and commercializing digital products and services. It is carefully designed to create a relaxed atmosphere where attendees can discover projects, share experiences, learn and, above all, have a good time.

Tarugoconf 2022: workshops, talks and much more

The Tarugo 2022 event is a great opportunity for networking and discovering interesting people and projects.

  • October 20th. The event kicks off with diverse workshops, icebreakers and a movie’s premiere — a HD re-release of Sneakers.
  • October 21st. Attendees will be able to enjoy diverse talks, interviews and many other activities.
  • October 22nd. The last day is full of activities and workshops, as well as the “Tarugoff” open space, designed to be shared with family and friends.

As in previous editions, speakers will share their experiences and knowledge, and will address real problems. These are some of the scheduled talks:

  • Life-saving algorithms by Ana Freire, Director of the Academic Department of Operations, Technology & Science at the UPF School of Management.
  • How to make a video game by Ramón Nafría, freelance video game developer and entrepreneur.
  • Sales key skills for engineers by Paulo Rodriguez, Head of International at Vanta.
  • Must a lawyer learn how to code? by Elen Irazabal, CEO and Founder of AdvocatusAI.  

In addition to all this, attendees can use Brella during the weeks before and after the in-person event to plan 1 to 1 meetings and speak with sponsors in the virtual stands. If you would like to attend the Tarugo 2022, you can find all the details about the event and get your ticket on the Tarugoconf website.

See you in La Nave, on Brella or on Twitter with the hashtag #tarugo22!

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