AMS-IX: Amsterdam Internet Exchange Point

AMS-IX Internet Exchange Point

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is an independent, neutral and non-profit Internet Exchange Point. It is a member of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX).

AMS-IX Infrastructure and interconnection

AMS-IX is one of the largest hubs for Internet traffic in the world; established in the 1990s in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Nowadays, it operates multiple interconnection platforms around the world. Its platform is always evolving in order to support its constant, rapid growth.

In January 2024, AMS-IX Amsterdam reached a new peak in traffic: 11.92 Tb/s.

Points of Presence

AMS-IX has 16 PoPs in the Netherlands:

  • Digital Realty AMS5 (Schiphol-Rijk)
  • Digital Realty AMS9 (Amsterdam)
  • Digital Realty AMS17 (Amsterdam)
  • Digital Realty AMS18 (Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM1/2 (Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM3 (Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM5 (Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM6 (Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM7 (Amsterdam)
  • EuNetworks (Amsterdam)
  • Global Switch (Amsterdam)
  • Greenhouse (Naaldwijk)
  • Iron Mountain (Haarlem)
  • Nikhef (Amsterdam)
  • NorthC Amsterdam AMS01 (Amsterdam)
  • SmartDC (Rotterdam)

Moreover, the IXP has the following locations around the world:

  • Amsterdam.
  • Bangkok.
  • Bay Area.
  • Cairo — EG-IX, powered by AMS-IX.
  • Caribbean.
  • Chennai (coming soon).
  • Chicago.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Hyderabad.
  • Kolkata.
  • Kuching — IRIX, powered by AMS-IX.
  • Lagos.
  • Manama — MN-IX, powered by AMS-IX.
  • Manila (coming soon).
  • Mumbai.
  • Muscat — OMAN-IX, powered by AMS-IX (coming soon).
  • Noida (coming soon).
  • Singapore.


The following graph from AMS-IX website shows trafficstatistics from September 2022 to January 2024.

AMS-IX Amsterdam stats from October 2022 to January 2024

IPv6 traffic

Regarding the adoption of the IPv6 protocol, the following graph shows AMS-IX IPv6 traffic from March 2023 to January 2024.

AMS-IX Amsterdam IPv6 stats March 2023 - January 2024

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats are available on their website.

AMS-IX history and evolution

AMS-IX history started back in 1994 with its first layer-2 shared infrastructure. It was initially used between academic organizations to exchange traffic in the Amsterdam Science Park. However, in 1997, twenty ISPs and carriers founded the AMS-IX association. Nowadays, more than 25 years after its foundation, AMS-IX is one of the largest Internet Exchange Points in the world — among more than 150 exchange points distributed around the world.

The evolution of its traffic has been amazing, just from 2002 to 2012 it went from a peak traffic of 12 Gb/s to a peak traffic of 2 Tb/s, respectively. In 2016, AMS-IX Amsterdam reached a 5 Tb/s peak and it has already been doubled. It reached a 11.9 Tb/s peak traffic in January 2024 and it continues to grow solidly. Moreover, as of 2022, AMS-IX total capacity was 49 Tb/s.

Stackscale is on AMS-IX with a clear objective: improving our connection routes to all the providers that exchange traffic there. In addition to this Internet Exchange Point, we are present in other IXPs such as ESpanix and we are interconnected to diverse Tier 1 operators and a great number of companies through private peering agreements.

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