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Spanish Internet Exchange Point

ESpanix: Spain’s Internet Exchange Point

ESpanix is a Spanish non-profit organization that manages and maintains a neutral Internet Exchange Point in Spain. Stackscale is on ESpanix with a clear objective: improving our connection routes to all the providers that exchange traffic there. Besides ESpanix, we are present in other Internet Exchange Points such as AMS-IX and we are interconnected to

Software-defined WAN, a cloud approach to network connectivity

SD-WAN: a cloud-oriented approach to network connectivity

SD-WAN is short for software-defined Wide Area Network, a cloud-oriented approach to manage Wide Area Networks (WANs). As bandwidth demand grows due to cloud traffic, video streaming rise, mobile connectivity, etc., traditional WANs have become more limiting and less efficient. That is why SD-WAN is becoming more and more popular. A SD-WAN is a virtual

What are Internet Exchange Points?

Internet Exchange Points, an essential role on the Internet

Internet Exchange Points or IXPs are a key element of the functioning of the Internet. The Internet has become an essential tool for many people. Thousands of millions of people use it every day for checking their email, visiting their favorite websites and purchasing among the thousands of eCommerce sites existing. Many people know how


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