Security measures and contingency plans during the COVID-19 pandemic

Contingency plans and security measures at Stackscale during the COVID-19 pandemic

At Stackscale we are following the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic daily and taking the necessary measures to minimize its impact as much as possible. In light of this crisis, we want to share the security measures and contingency plans we have activated to guarantee the continuity of our services. As well as the usual technical support and customer service levels.

Security measures to protect our workers

Since March 10 the whole Stackscale team is working remotely, coordinated and motivated to support our customers during this crisis.

Moreover, the data centers where we are present are also taking the necessary precautionary measures. So that the work that requires physical presence in the data centers is being carried out following specially optimized procedures to reduce operation times as much as possible and maximize security measures in order to protect our workers’ health.

Contingency plans to guarantee the proper functioning of our services

Just as our data centers, at Stackscale we have activated contingency plans to guarantee the proper functioning of our services. Among the contingency measures we are adopting at infrastructure and network level, we would like to highlight the increase of our network’s global capacity.

Our Internet traffic volume has increased by a 50 % since the beginning of the crisis. That is why, even though Stackscale’s network is strongly oversized and can perfectly handle this volumen, we are conducting significant works to increase our network’s global capacity; expecting that traffic will keep growing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. For our part, at Stackscale we keep monitoring the situation in order to act with agility and adopt the appropriate measures to handle this emergency situation.

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