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eCommerce statistics and growth 2024

eCommerce statistics and growth (2024)

eCommerce has experienced continued growth during the last decade. In this article we have collected some eCommerce statistics in 2024 and over the last decade showing how its adoption has increased over the years. Global eCommerce market growth Global eCommerce sales are expected to surpass 5.8 trillion Euros (6.3 trillion USD) in 2024 and 6.3

Black Friday Technical Strategy: plan in advance, adapt your infrastructure, test all services, minimize risks and be available.

5 steps to technically succeed in your Black Friday Strategy

Preparing your eCommerce Black Friday strategy? Keep in mind these 5 simple steps to ensure your eCommerce site can make the most of this campaign. With consumers getting more and more sophisticated and demanding, every second counts. Thus, high-availability, performance and security are more important than ever. A great sales and marketing plan can bring

Infrastructure ready for Black Friday

Tips on getting the infrastructure ready for Black Friday

Getting the infrastructure ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas campaign is a must to ensure maximum performance and avoid downtime. Online shopping is more alive than ever and these strategic campaigns account for an important percentage of the annual sales. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for online businesses to win new

Benefits of cloud computing for eCommerce

How eCommerce sites benefit from cloud computing

eCommerce sites benefit from cloud computing to keep boosting their growth. Year after year, the eCommerce industry has not stopped growing worldwide. In 2022, the online shopping revenue is estimated to surpass 5 billion Euros globally. There are numerous reasons why more and more consumers opt for buying online: from simple convenience to decide where

Build a highly-available ecommerce with Magento

Set up an eCommerce site with Magento for high availability

Setting up an eCommerce site with Magento for high availability is essential for making the most of this platform; leader in the development of high-traffic eCommerce sites. A suitable IT infrastructure, a specialized development team, a good system administration team and 24/7 monitoring are some of the keys to success. In this article we will

Stackscale attends Meet Magento Spain 2019

Stackscale participates in Meet Magento Spain 2019

Meet Magento, the official event of the Magento community, is back to Madrid. Meet Magento Spain 2019 event will take place the next October 28, 2019 in the Teatro Goya Multiespacio, and Stackscale is one of the sponsors. This internationally known event is an excellent opportunity to discover the latest trends and technological innovations across


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