How eCommerce sites benefit from cloud computing

Benefits of cloud computing for eCommerce

eCommerce sites benefit from cloud computing to keep boosting their growth. Year after year, the eCommerce industry has not stopped growing worldwide. In 2022, the online shopping revenue is estimated to surpass 5 billion Euros globally.

There are numerous reasons why more and more consumers opt for buying online: from simple convenience to decide where and when to shop, to the possibility of saving time and money. In addition, the pandemic has contributed to accelerating even more the adoption of this new shopping model.

The growth of eCommerce has also been powered by the flexibility and scalability provided by cloud computing, which enables online businesses to grow more smoothly and cost effectively.

Cloud computing and eCommerce sites

In a context of global and huge competition, guaranteeing a good user experience in an eCommerce site is key to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, leveraging the benefits offered by specialized eCommerce cloud solutions can offer a competitive advantage.

  • Cost and resources savings.
  • Optimized performance.
  • Scalability and flexibility to stand demand spikes.
  • Security and redundancy.
  • Simpler and faster deployment.

Cloud computing offers great potential for performance and scalability. Besides, it helps optimize costs to increase competitiveness. Of course, in order to be able to stand demand growth and traffic peaks in an eCommerce site, without virtual queues, it is also important to choose a High-Availability cloud solution.

The cloud enables companies to focus on their core business, without making big technology investments in IT systems. This way, companies can invest more resources in development and human resources to continue growing.

At Stackscale we recommend using private cloud services to benefit from exclusive use of resources and greater control over the IT infrastructure. Combined with high-performance All-Flash network storage, private cloud environments provide an extremely secure, reliable and easily scalable solution.

Saving money in the private cloud

The private cloud allows businesses to reduce costs by outsourcing the infrastructure and the recruitment of specialized staff, and by guaranteeing greater control over the resources. As for Stackscale, cost savings can range from 30% to 70%, depending on each project’s features.

Furthermore, private cloud environments enable companies to avoid the issues oversubscription of resources can cause, such as the noisy neighbor effect.

Growing on demand

The flexibility to grow without losing control is also essential in an online shop. So, it is important to rely on High-Availability cloud solutions to be able to stand peak traffic spikes, without virtual queues.

“At Stackscale we are aware of the fact that being able to resize an infrastructure according to the demand, in order to face an increase in visits or seasonality, is appealing. Many of our eCommerce customers resize their platforms during high-demand periods, such as Black Friday or the Christmas campaign, to ensure they work smoothly.”

—David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, co-founder of Stackscale

The case study of the eCommerce Mascarillas y Más is a good example of the advantages of migrating an eCommerce to a High-Availability private cloud environment, to be able to keep growing without a hitch.

Guaranteeing maximum security

One of the features that is inherent to eCommerce sites is 24/7 availability. Therefore, security and redundancy must be a priority to avoid losing potential buyers and, above all, to prevent losing the loyalty and trust of existing customers.

That is why, at Stackscale, every element of the infrastructure is redundant so that everything keeps working in case of an incident. So, in addition to the high level of privacy the private cloud offers, companies can also benefit from a high level of redundancy and security.

Beyond having online visibility, online shopping opens an endless number of possibilities for companies to expand their market and increase revenue. That is why more and more eCommerce sites rely on cloud computing to boost their growth.

If your company needs a High-Availability cloud solution to grow without limits, do not miss our specialized solutions for eCommerce sites.

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