An IT infrastructure solution to grow without limits

The peace of mind of being able to grow on-demand, while benefiting from the maximum performance is a key element of the Ecommerce News + Stackscale project.

Ecommerce News is a media specialized in eCommerce, whose goal is “creating a very long-lasting ecosystem”. Our Private Cloud solution provides this ambitious project with the performance it requires at all times and the peace of mind of relying on a specialized technical team.

Flexibility and agility to grow

When the Ecommerce News project started to grow, at the same time they changed from Joomla to WordPress — in order to improve flexibility and functionalities —, they undertook a change of IT infrastructure. Since their initial solution had soon become insufficient.

“Traffic also started skyrocketing during the second year of life and we needed that the webpage ran at full speed and without exceptions.”

Samuel Rodríguez, Partner director of Ecommerce News

Control, security and reliability: zero worries

Due to such growth, during the website redesign, the Ecommerce News team started to contact providers in order to find an infrastructure solution that offered them high performance, high availability and zero worries.

“The advantage of creating a private cloud is that it allows having full control of the information, control of the security and reliability regarding the running of critical apps. In addition to the possibility to give public access to certain elements. Beyond this, it also enables flexibility regarding investments and the agility to increase the amount of resources according to the necessary demand.”

—Samuel Rodríguez, Partner director of Ecommerce News

The project required a cloud solution with a good cost-performance ratio. Ecommerce News hasn’t stopped growing over time and at Stackscale, we continue to make sure they can do it smoothly.

Ecommerce News

Ecommerce News was born in 2009 as a media specialized in eCommerce. Its goal is providing quality information about eCommerce. Including content and trends on related fields such as digital marketing, social media, logistics and information technology, among others. As its partner director, Samuel, explains, since they launched Ecommerce News barely a decade ago, the world has changed so much as during the last 50 or 60 years.

“Nowadays, we can visit a shop in NY from our home using our Virtual Reality technology, try on clothes to see how they fit and even have realistic pictures; we can share it on social media so that the audience helps us decide which option we buy and then receive our package in less than 48 hours in our front door.”

—Samuel Rodríguez, Partner director of Ecommerce News

In light of the eCommerce industry rise in Spain, the partners of Ecommerce News embarked on this project to build a space that gathered the latest news in the industry, articles, interviews, etc. Always focusing on offering quality content in different formats.

At Stackscale we make sure the infrastructure works smoothly 365 days a year, with 24/7 monitoring and a specialized team. We help every customer to build a Private Cloud solution adapted to their project’s needs. Moreover, Stackscale’s cloud solutions for eCommerce are a reference for many eCommerce sites that search for peace of mind, high availability and performance.

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