Our Data Centers

Stackscale is present in cutting-edge data centers that have been chosen according to strict quality requirements, safety, efficiency, redundancy and connectivity.

Different innovative techniques allow data centers to achieve a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) close to 1. The combination of these technology and equipment chosen by Stackscale allow the company to promote efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly technological solutions.

Interxion MAD2 – Madrid

Interxion is next to Telecity one of the world’s leading companies in the sector of neutral data centers. The new and innovative MAD2 Interxion data center in Madrid is one of the most advanced built to date in Spain, and has a lot of optical fiber available thanks to its location in the building adjacent to Interxion MAD1.

More information on the website of Interxion MAD2.

Telecity AMS5 – Ámsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, one of the most important cities for Internet in Europe. It has a net area of 6,000 m2 technical equipment and a net protected power of 9 megawatts. The building is specially designed to house a highly efficient data center and was opened in early 2012. Its PUE is only 1.25 and is certified Tier 3+ according to the Uptime Institute.

More information on the Telecity AMS5 Tour.

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