Our data centers

We host our infrastructure in state-of-the-art data centers we have chosen according to strict quality, security, efficiency, redundancy and connectivity requirements.
  • Data centers in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal; our services are located within the EU and secured by its regulations.
  • Diverse innovating techniques allow our data centers to achieve exceptionally low PUE ratios.
  • Fault-tolerance and business continuity.
  • Certified by international standards such as ISO27001 and ISO22301.

The advantages of relying on strictly selected datacenters

Our datacenters fulfill strict security, efficiency, redundancy and connectivity requirements.

Our data centers rely on strict security and safety measures that cover physical access, fire protection, power supply, and so on. Thus, ensuring the highest quality service at all times.

  • 24/7 monitoring and on site 24/7 security staff and video surveillance.
  • Multilayer access control using biometric authentication, proximity cards and mantraps.
  • Early fire detection (VESDA) using nebulized water or gas-based fire suppression systems.
  • Climate and relative humidity control using precision equipment. IT rooms’ isolation with a cold aisle/hot aisle configuration.
  • BMS monitoring.
  • Water leak detection.
  • Faraday cage.

Data center efficiency is a priority, and essential for ensuring long-term sustainable growth. That is why we rely on innovative data center solutions that aim to constantly improve their PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and reduce their environmental footprint.

  • Constant improvement of their energy efficiency and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).
  • IT rooms’ isolation with a cold aisle/hot aisle configuration.
  • Free cooling systems for higher energy efficiency.
  • Renewable energy.

Redundancy at cooling and power supply guarantee uninterrupted, optimal activity within the facilities.

  • Online UPS systems backed up by diesel generators with 2N or N+1 configuration.
  • Dual power supplies.
  • Cooling redundancy.
Furthermore, Stackscale’s architecture is 100% redundant so that the platform and its services continue to work even in the event of a failure in some of its components. The data center’s backbone is composed of multi-chassis aggregation links that provide redundancy and a loop-free layer 2 topology.

Madrid and Amsterdam are currently our main hubs within our European datacenter network. As a strict requirement, every data center in which we are present must be connected to our core network through two physically dispersed routes of one or multiple 100 G, regardless of other connections to Internet exchange points and/or upstream providers that may be present at that specific location.

  • Carrier-neutral facilities served by a large number of fiber operators and IP carriers.
  • Multi-100 G core network.
  • Redundant interconnection between data centers (Layer 2/Layer 3).
Our network is connected to the Internet with an aggregated capacity of over 4 Tbps thanks to the network of Grupo Aire. The network of Aire Networks is one of the largest networks in Spain with 32.000 km and a growth capacity of N*400 Gbps.
Stackscale's data centers network

Data centers in Spain

Data centers in the Netherlands & Portugal

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