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Below is a sample of Stackscale clients and their testimonies, some cases are more detailed in our Blog.


Tutellus is the most relevant online collaborative learning platform in the world, operating in more than 160 countries with a community of more than 500,000 students and 50,000 video courses.

Stackscale is the best technology partner you could have for a company like ours. They allowed us to test the product extensively before actually using it in production, supported us during the whole setup process, and now we know that they are always there, even when things are not going as expected.

Javier Ortiz, CTO

La Voz del Muro

La Voz del Muro is a social entertainment community with a lot of traffic, as you can see in the Alexa rankings; in May 2015: 350th in Spain and 6300th worldwide. This translates into hundreds of millions of monthly visitors requiring to have the requested content displayed within milliseconds. A requirement that only a smoothly running, high-end web engine can satisfy.

Miarroba Networks

Miarroba is a distinguished provider of services and utilities for Webmasters since 2001. Miarroba’s 7 million unique users per month and 7.3 million registered webmasters, make it a large consumer of computing resources.

I’ve been working with the founders of Stackscale from Ferca-Veloxia times and I’ve always felt very supported during important moments, when the inevitable problems arise. The change to Stackscale involved leaving the co-location model using our own machines and I am very satisfied with the result: we no longer have to worry about hardware, we have total flexibility, we can scale up at any time and in addition our costs are significantly lower.

Luis Mendaña, CEO


Company founded in 2007 with the goal of creating the best experiences of purchase for the digital environment, an objective amply reached after 8 years being one of the most prestigious e-commerce consulting firms in Spain, as shown by its distinguished portfolio of customers.

If there is something that I particularly like about Stackscale is that their support team acts as an extension of ours, worrying about the needs and problems of our customers as if they were their own. The alliance with Stackscale is highly profitable for us.

Guillermo García, CEO


Pirendo is a company dedicated to Social Media intelligence and analytics. Companies need to know what is being said about their brand, their competitors and the industry; Pirendo helps them to know their customers and participate in the conversation.

Since we are using Stackscale we have gained day to day in stability and peace of mind for our services. In addition to a great performance, the long-term scalability has become much easy to consider . Support is great

José María Chia, CEO


FLOSSystems (Free Libre Open Source Systems) is a technology company specializing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and highly scalable information systems. Founded in Madrid by members from GSyC/LibreSoft, a research group in Free Software engineering of the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain), with extensive experience in systems management, design and deployment of advanced and demanding architectures.

We are happy to work with a provider who speaks our “language”, both technical and administrative, and that clearly acts more as a stakeholder/partner than as a supplier. Its transparency and sincerity gives us the trust that we need to Stackscale to form the technical infrastructure base on which we deploy our technology.

José Castro, CTO